Tiptoes Child Therapy Services

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EMDR Adults

Rationale for Service

There is no one single therapy that meets every child's needs or circumstance. Tiptoes believe in starting any intervention with a robust assessment of the child and families needs. Research has indicated that strong supported parents or carers often do better in supporting children who have experienced sexual harm than those who have their own trauma histories. Indeed, sometimes children can recover from their experiences of sexual trauma without therapeutic intervention if these circumstances exist.

In other circumstances the needs of parents or carers can be so overwhelming for them that they are not in a position to support their children through a therapeutic process until they have addressed their own therapeutic needs.

In recognition of these family situations, we can provide EMDR, psycho-education or humanistic counselling to parents/ carers in those situations that would be more effective than providing a therapeutic service to the child.

This has also proven effective prior to the delivery of filial therapy, where the children are extremely young or anxious or where the parent/ carers are unable to contain their own emotions.