“The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek

Joseph Campbell

Our Centre

We measure our success in actual lives changed and we try to make sure our environment is as peaceful and friendly as possible. This is why we put so much effort into the environment in which our therapeutic services take place.

The Cove

This is our waiting room. Our aim is to make the waiting for appointments or your children and young people as comfortable as possible. The separation of your child or ward into therapy and the reunification after, are the most important transitions and ones that we advocate.

The Nest

Our smallest room is not the least important, but the most significant in terms of its wide range of uses. It is containing for our youngest and most disorganised clients; it is also often chosen by adolescents and adults. All our rooms are resourced in the same way, but the layout is with the intent of providing access to the needs of each individual regardless of their chronological age.

The Dovecote

The Dovecote is equipped with police and court standard video equipment. The room is larger and has more symbols out than the nest yet contains the same range of equipment. It enables increased joint work with parents/carers due to the level of space available.

The Ark

The Ark, our largest therapeutic space is multipurpose. It is designed for family work at one end and sandtray interventions at the other. It can manage a wide variety of ages but requires a greater ability to self-regulate or be socially regulated.

The Snug

The Snug is our most complex and demanding room, despite its name. It requires an ability to self-regulate, introspect, play or think in the metaphor. This is a Jungian and Integrative Sandplay room that is helpful for children and  young people who can regulate and have a manageable window of tolerance as well as therapeutic parenting, adult therapy, clinical supervision and consultation.