Tiptoes Child Therapy Services


"You are mistaken if you think we have to lower ourselves to communicate with children. On the contrary, we have to reach up to their feelings, stretch, stand on our tiptoes."

  Janusz Korczak 1925

Sexual Harm

Services for children and young people who have experienced sexual harm across the UK are limited. Mapping and research exercises by the AIM project, Itzin and NSPCC have all drawn similar conclusions. Allnock (2009) concluded from her research;

'a significant gap in the provision of therapeutic services for children and young people who had experienced sexual abuse. It found that services to meet estimated levels of need were too few and that, for many services, demand outstripped supply.'

There is disagreement too about the most effective interventions. Tiptoes do not believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, as such undertakes careful assessment of need before embarking on any intervention.

Tiptoes is committed to raising the profile of services to children and young people who have experienced sexual harm and providing developmentally appropriate, needs-led services. Please take the time to read the article on therapeutic interventions for children who have experienced sexual harm, which addresses some of the current issues.


Therapeutic Interventions for Children who have Experienced Sexual Harm.