“Yesterday i was clever, so i changed the world.
Today i am wise, so i am changing myself”


Training and Professional Support

Clinical Supervision

“You need to be able to regulate your own feelings in order to empathise with others.”
– Decety, J. Sommerville, J.A. (2003).

An ethical and professional requirement of providing therapeutic and direct work to children is to undertake clinical supervision of your practice.

BAPT define Play therapy clinical supervision as

“A formal and mutually agreed relationship between two (Play) Therapists where the supervisor is a significantly more experienced and competent Play Therapist than the supervisee. The aim of this supervision is to monitor, develop and support the supervisee’s Play Therapy practice. This supervision will be independent of all managerial relationships.”


“There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation”
– Ali ibn Abi Talib 656 – 661

We provide professional support and advice to Local Authorities, Charities, Independent agencies such as IFA’s, residential establishments, residential school’s as well as independent social workers, police and therapists on a range of child care matters and interventions that include individual and sibling issues such as;

  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Direct work with children
  • Children who have experienced sexual harm
  • Children with skewed attachment patterns
  • Young people and Children under 12 with harmful sexual behaviours
  • Contact
  • Sibling and Group Interventions
  • Together or apart sibling decision making

We also provide consultations to statutory, independent and charitable residential services on setting up therapeutic services within their agencies.

We provide advice on Court and Statutory interventions, case work planning, developing programmes of intervention, identifying needs and risk management and complex case work decisions.

We also provide clinical governance to help organisations achieve the best outcomes for children that they can.


“What is planted in each person’s soul will sprout”.
– Rumi

Our service and trainers have extensive experience and qualifications in their fields. We only concentrate our training on those areas in which we have substantial experience, practice and knowledge. This ensures that any training delivered is based on current theory, research and practice. We provide both set packages and bespoke training. Clearly the needs of the audience, be they therapists, educators, foster carers, social workers, police or multi-disciplinary vary enormously on any given topic.