Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is somatic psychological psychotherapy. It draws its knowledge from somatic or body therapies, (including Hakomi), neuroscience, attachment theory as well as cognitive approaches.

The approach, developed by Pat Ogden recognises two major ways we are affected by trauma and/or by developmental trauma.

It also has a third approach developed by Janina Fisher that provides an effective method for working with complex trauma.

In essence the approaches provide ways of working with our beliefs as created by the traumas, via the body as an access route. These sensitive approaches allows the client to explore and make sense of the impact of their actions, beliefs, triggers, habits without the chance of being re-traumatised by the experience.

At Tiptoes the method is used in its pure form to support adults and young people overcome their traumatic experiences, but we have also developed a sensorimotor play therapy approach to work with children. we also use it to enhace clinical supervision and supervision of supervision.